How dancing can help to relieve stress?
Anzella Kruger
Dec 13, 2018

How dancing can help to relieve stress?

Stress is not always bad for you. It can actually be helpful by increasing your performance and make you sharper when under pressure. Stress can also occur from positive events such as buying an apartment, going to university, getting married or receiving a promotion. Though, coping with too many things that put high demands on you and being constantly in emergency mode, can wear out your body and mind.

Memory problems, anxiety, frequent colds or flu, depression and disruptive sleep are some of the many symptoms and signs of stress overload. Before you seek help from the medical cabinet, here are some ways how dancing can help to relieve stress.

Relax your body – stress causes tension in the body and tightens your muscles. Music, pleasant surroundings and gliding across the dancefloor will help to relieve that tension and your body starts to loosen up. Free-flowing movements will make you feel lighter after each practice. 

social dancing event

Ease your mind – focusing on moves and learning new turns helps to distract your brain from all the racing thoughts that cause you stress. During the lesson, there is no time to think about worries of daily life, leave everything aside and enjoy the moment of escape. Dancing (like many other physical activities), helps your body to relieve endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and adrenaline. These chemicals and neurotransmitters feed your brain and make you feel goooooodJ

Feed your “social animal” – dancing is a great recreational activity that helps you to socialize and make friends. Talking relaxes, this is why it is one of the main ways to relieve stress and treat depression. Make sure to find time to join social dance events that help you to interact and build a network with like-minded people and have a good time. 

Other great health benefits

Besides lifting the spirit and relaxing your body, dancing has more positive effects on your wellbeing. It:

  • - improves your heart condition and efficiency of lungs
  • - develops muscular strength, which is vital for joints and ligaments
  • - increases endurance, tones the body and improves posture and balance
  • - restores sleep quality (and we know how important that is to the whole system)
  • - helps to gain self-confidence and self-esteem
  • - develops agility, coordination and flexibility
  • - helps to resist ageing and diseases
  • - strengthens bones, which reduces the risk of osteoporosis
  • - develops social, mental and cognitive abilities
  • - improves cardiac output (needed to carry oxygen and nutrients to your cells)
  • - last but not least, dancing is great for weight management.

healthy smoothy

When it comes to maintaining or losing weight, make sure to keep a healthy diet and enjoy eating a variety of foods, especially during the dark and cold winter. As you have heard many times before, drinking plenty of fluids is vital (if you are not excited about water, ginger-lemon or herbal teas are a great option). 

Hope this article broadened your knowledge about how dancing can help to relieve stress and overcome depression and anxiety. As dancing fits people of all ages, shapes and sizes, there is no excuse not to try it, especially for all of its additional physical and mental benefits!

Wishing you a wonderful and stress-free time!