Enriko õpetab järgmisi tunde:

Enriko is energetic and really passionate versatile dancer and choreographer, who loves to express his creativity in many different ways.
Throughout his 14 years of dance career he has been teaching many people and creating a lot of productions on stages, which the biggest and largest one was dance performance in the Baltics for 5 years named “Streetshow”.

 He promotes lifelong learning and loves to improve his and other people knowledge and skills. He himself has learned from dancers, teachers and pedagogues worldwide and all of that in many different styles and art forms. Huge amount of personal knowledge and skill comes from his two mentors Kerttu Luik and Joel Juht who both have influenced his dance career in most positive and experienced way.
Music, dance and creativity is something that fuels him up, brings joy and he can’t imagine his life without these three.

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