Johanna õpetab järgmisi tunde:


" 👟 I started shuffling in 2019 when my friend taught me my first charleston and it quickly grew a passion of mine. After only 1 year of shuffling I already started teaching others. First private lessons and then taking this dance to the recognized dance scene, being the first one ever to give regular shuffle lessons in a dance school in the Netherlands. Now I’ve moved back to my home country in Estonia and continue teaching lessons in Tallinn.

Shuffling is not popular here but over 8 months I’ve managed to attract around 100 people to learn shuffling with me. And the community keeps growing. In addition to weekly classes I’ve also given workshops in the NL and Finland.

💃 Next to teaching I’ve had the chance to work with different artists, agencies and events such as Amsterdam Pride, Peace Maker, DSCVR Agency, Nightbass, AJ Moreno, Nick Raff, Shdws, XEER, and many more.

🙈 I also managed to get to top 8 at TSL World Shuffle Championships 2023 tournament. 🌊🔥 My personal style is hard to determine, I can do crazy shapes but also stomp along to techno beats as well as make shuffling look gentle and graceful. I really love getting immersed with the music and play with the musicality. 🎵 Some say my flow is my biggest strength when it comes to dance." - says Johanna about her dance career.

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