Angela Lill

Angela is a cheerful and a very patient bachata instructor. Some like to refer to her “sweet as sugar and honey”. She always makes sure that her students get the steps and the body movement.

She discovered her way to dancing in high school where she was dancing contemporary style. She has also danced other styles like twerk, high heels and folk dances. When Angela was in the university, she discovered bachata and started practicing lady styling in Tartu. She moved back to Tallinn in 2021 and joined Bachata Studio Tallinn couples bachata and salsa classes. Countless hours spent in the studio paid off since other instructors started to notice her development and style. The rest is history! 

Now Angela teaches bachata classes with Anton and Rado and is also giving lady styling classes. She keeps pushing herself and the students to be better and better everyday! 

Angela is also representing international world bachata stars like Marco & Sara in “Sara Panero ladies team” and “Grupo Esencia Official”.

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