Elise is a dynamic dancer who will inspire you to express yourself through confidence and high energy.

From the age of 5, Elise has explored a wide range of styles, she started with ballroom and show dance, later she moved on to hip-hop and cheerleading. She also taught Zumba classes that allowed Elise to share her energy and passion with others, but it was with Bachata that she truly found her love for teaching and inspiring others. 

Elise started her teaching journey in Bachata Studio Tallinn in 2021. In a short time she has already had the privilege of teaching at International Bachata Festivals around Europe, where she has also learned from the very best artists in the world. Last year she was teaching Bachata in Sweden, with talented and International artist Sorush – Let’s Play Bachata. 

When you step into Elise's class, you will be welcomed with her enthusiasm and contagious smile. She believes in empowering her students, to use their creativity and freedom of their body movements to create fun and innovative moves. Elise will guide you with patience, skill, and a deep love for dance.

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