Triin Abrams

Triin Abrams õpetab järgmisi tunde:

“Kuniks elu!” said Triin and danced until the very last song at the party.

Triin’s life full of dance started when her dad took her to Kaie Kõrb Ballet studio at the age of 5 - since then she never stopped. She danced Ballet for 7 years, later dance acrobatics and Estonian folk dance.

While at high school, she became member at Estonian dance agency, where she used to spend all her evenings - learning Classical, Contemporary, Jazz and various modern dance techniques.

She was brought to Latin Social dances by her Latin friends in 2015 when graduating high school in Belgium. She started with Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba, when later in 2019 discovered Zouk - her true love.

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