Hip Hop Beginners

Hip Hop Beginners

Hip Hop Beginners
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Training Times:

Every week on Monday at 18:45


1h 30min






Hip hop

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This is a solo class

Package: 59€, includes 4 trainings (valid for 30 days)

Single class: Ȼ115 dance coins (or 18€)

Hip Hop Beginners

What you will learn in this training

Hip Hop is a dynamic street dance style that originated in the Bronx, New York in the 1970s, evolving alongside rap music and urban street fashion within the black communities. Hip-hop dance forms an integral part of the broader hip-hop culture, characterized by its five fundamental elements: deejaying, emceeing, graffiti, breaking, and knowledge.
Today, hip-hop has spread widely in the entertainment industry and is embraced by mainstream and R&B artists, firmly establishing its presence in the global pop culture landscape.
In our beginner hip-hop classes, we focus on building a strong foundation in hip-hop dance. We start by exploring essential techniques such as bounce & rocking and learn the party dance steps and continue with integrating these moves into choreographed routines. Additionally, we’ll discuss the rich history and culture of hip-hop, enhancing your understanding of this art form.
These classes will help you improve your coordination, develop muscle memory, enhance stamina, and fine-tune your sense of musicality all while having lots of fun!

 Trial lesson is FREE
👉 Two-month dance package costs 109€ (95€ for youth≤26).
The package includes 13 hours of dance lessons, valid for 60 days.
New Hip Hop Beginners course takes place once a week, altogether 8-9 weeks, with each lesson 1h 30m.

Bring your clean indoor shoes and your preferred drink (for example water). 

For the best experience, we recommend wearing sneakers and comfortable, active attire, with a preference for oversized sweatpants and t-shirts.

NB! Parking is available and free in front of the studio and around the building. 

Everyone is welcome, regardless of any previous dance experience.

For any additional information, please send us a DM on FB Messenger or write to us at bachata.studio.tallinn@gmail.com

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