Grupo Esencia

Grupo Esencia
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igal nädalal teisipäeviti kell 20:15 ja neljapäeviti kell 20:30


1t 45min




Rado Kapital



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Grupo Esencia

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Marco & Sara - world artists and the idols of Bachata dancers - have created a super beautiful show choreography for NEW song called ESENCIA.  🔥🔥🔥

Bachata Studio Tallinn is more than happy to represent Marco & Sara in Estonia and establish a dance group under their name: GRUPO ESENCIA ESTONIA. We are joining other world teams already represented in countries in Europe, Americas, Asia.

🇪🇪 🇪🇪 🇪🇪

We will start on April 11. Before that - check out the choreo song called ESENCIA, it's a very beautiful and musical song, as well as the new choreography! Combining smooth sensual moves, with accents, solo body movement, footwork. And lots of emotions!



Rado & Anastassija


▪︎ Tuesdays 20:00-21:45 (1h45min)
▪︎ Thursdays 20:30-22:15 (1h45min)
The lessons will take place twice a week. The expected time for learning the choreography including practicing for making it smooth and sharp and beautiful is 2 months - April and May. Performing on big dance events during summer - including INTERNATIONAL BACHATA FESTIVALS.

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