Reggaeton (open level)

Reggaeton (open level)

Reggaeton (open level)
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Training Times:

Every week on Thursday at 19:00


1h 30min


Open Level





This is a solo class

Package: 59€, includes 5 trainings (valid for 30 days)

Single class: Ȼ95 dance coins (or 15€)

Reggaeton (open level)

What you will learn in this training

Reggaeton is sweeping the globe right now and it is about time to get on it. 🥵

Reggaeton is a musical genre originating in Puerto Rico, which is very popular in Spain and across Latin American countries and gets its influences from Jamaican reggae, hip-hop, Jamaican dancehall, bomba, and plena music. 

Reggaeton dance became very popular  in the 1990s, especially among young people in Latin America, and now it is danced by many people all over the world. This dance is heavily influenced by Jamaican reggae and dancehall as well as hip hop.

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