Premium - Tango technique (competition)

Premium - Tango technique (competition)
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Premium - Solo Latin Dance

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See on tantsutund koos partneriga, kuid oma partneri olemasolu ei ole vajalik.

Kursuse maksumus: 89€ (75€ noortele ≤ 26), sisaldab 4 trenni 30 päeva jooksul

Ühe trenni maksumus: 25€ (või dance coins Ȼ250)

Premium - Tango technique (competition)

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A technique lesson to work more in depth with various topics for achieving an enjoyable dance.

Leaders can expect really useful tips for better improvisation without repetition and how to control your own body to send better signs for a lead. With followers we will work with the beauty and elegance of the legs as well as the proper technique of various elements in tango.

End of September finishing with a little competition.        

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