Wednesday Bachata + Salsa Practice (2 rooms)

mai. 25, 2022 kell 21:00 - aug.. 31, 2022 kell 23:00

Wednesday Bachata + Salsa Practice (2 rooms)

✨ Wednesday BACHATA + SALSA Practice (in 2 rooms) ✨

We are super happy to invite all Bachateros and Salseros to Wednesday Practices! Let's improve the dancing skills, try out new combinations and enjoy dancing together!

Have you learned lots of cool moves, but haven't practiced them yet enough? This is the chance to perfect your (sensual) moves! Join us and simply dance and have fun with your friends! 😃💃🕺🎶

We will be happy to see all the dancers here dancing with us! One of our big wishes is to create a friendly atmosphere for our beloved BEGINNERS! ♥ If you are an experienced dancer, please help our new generation of dancers to feel pleasant. Talk to them, support them, dance with them and adjust your dance level accordingly.

Many of us - the studio instructors will be there, too! Talk to us anytime about anything, ask us to dance, or to explain any moves/technique. The new generation of dancers is our pride and we are here to help you out ♥


Bachata Studio Tallinn

Address: Kopli 25

Free Parking in front of the building and nearby.


Dance practices will take place:

25.05 at 21:00 (Bachata + Salsa)

08.06 at 21:00 (Bachata + Salsa)

22.06 at 21:00 (Bachata + Salsa)

06.07 at 21:00 (Bachata + Salsa)

20.07 at 21:00 (Bachata + Salsa)

...to be continued



FREE for Bachata Studio and Euphoria students (with any active dance package)


See you! Let's practice new combinations and enjoy dancing together! 🤍

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