Premium - Bachata Lady Style (algajad)

Premium - Bachata Lady Style (algajad)

Premium - Bachata Lady Style (algajad)
Training Times:

Every week on Tuesday at 19:30


1h 00min





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This is a solo class

Single class: Ȼ190 dance coins (or 20€)

Premium - Bachata Lady Style (algajad)

What you will learn in this training

 In the Bachata Lady Styling Classes, we will focus on different topics every week, that will make you a more confident & feminine Bachata Dancer. We will focus on topics such as Hand styling, footwork, hip movements, creating a flow, spinning technique, waves & head rolls, musicality & body movement, coordination with body and hands, and breathing techniques in dancing. Each class we will dance a short choreography connected with the topic.

☞ WHAT ARE PREMIUM CLASSES ABOUT??? ☜ very limited places for dancers focused on specific topics, which are typically not covered in regular group classes (for dancers, who want to go the extra mile) get all the attention of the instructors, dedicated to giving you immediate individual feedback and guidance to improve your dancing skills faster than on regular group classes increase the confidence in your body movement, style, body coordination, isolations, rhythm and acquire new dance techniques 🚀💯🚀💯🚀 

☞ DAYS AND TIMES OF PREMIUM CLASSES ☜ please register to your selected premium class(es) if there is more interested dancers than the max capacity, later registered dancers will be on the waiting list instructors will then contact you to discuss with you and your group about the suitable day of week and time

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